Who We Are

Pumpkin Patch Foods is a family-run company that takes great pride in supplying premium quality food products to the finest retail and hospitality institutions in South Africa. 

Our Story

Pumpkin Patch Foods has its roots in Vanrhynsdorp - the heart of the Namaqualand. Christolene, the founder (and actually a music teacher by trade), decided to try her luck by making 5 bags of pumpkin cubes from their season's harvest on the farm. 

She then approached a store in Stellenbosch to ask whether they would be interested in buying her 5 bags of non-branded pumpkin cubes. 

The buyer chuckled (probably taken aback by the randomness of the event), but as a result of the quality of the products, her enterprising attitude, (and perhaps her refusal to leave without him taking the products), he eventually responded, "Yes sure, why not?".

The next day Christolene returned to the store nervously excited... "So...?"... she asked. "How did it go?"

"They sold out!", the buyer responded. "Please bring me 10 bags tomorrow... and maybe start thinking about a brand and label for your products.".

From humble beginnings, and as a result of years of hard work, sweat, and tears, Pumpkin Patch has grown into a household name that is known for its unwavering commitment to product quality and customer care. 

Today, our team of 60+ production workers supplies over 100 retail stores all around South Africa.

More than business

Pumpkin Patch Foods has never been fixated on profit alone. Rather, the management team looks at the business as a tool to solve socio-environmental problems in South Africa. Creating employment opportunities, advocating for sustainability, upskilling our employees, and alleviating hunger has been central to our management objectives. 

Today, we donate one product for every ten products sold. Pumpkin Patch also has a unique incentive structure whereby it distributes 10% of the company's profit to its employees. 


We source exclusively from GLOBAL GAP certified farmers around the Western Cape, which ensures that our products are always fresh, traceable, and free from harmful chemicals. 

Food Safety Accreditation

Our packhouse in Stellenbosch was purposefully built according to ISO22002, HACCP, and Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) guidelines for food processing facilities. In our most recent GFSI audit (2022), we achieved a score of 99,2% in terms of our food safety compliance. 


We utilise our own fleet of refrigerated vehicles to maintain the cold chain from our packhouse directly to our customers. This allows us to shorten the time between production and delivery, and more importantly, allows us to maintain complete control over the quality of our products in transit.

Sales Support

Our sales reps visit our customers on a regular basis. We are always on standby to resolve customer queries and are committed to building a lasting relationship with our customers. 


We utilise state-of-the-art technology for sales management, route optimisation, and order management. This is done to reduce our environmental footprint, optimise sales, reduce food waste, and improve sustainability.

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